Northern Utah Radio Controlled Aircraft Club, Inc.
Constitution and By-Laws
(Revised November 2018)


Article I – Name

This organization shall be known as “Northern Utah Radio Controlled Aircraft Club, Inc.” also known as “NURCAC”.
Article II – Purpose

NURCAC is formed for the purpose of providing a safe and recreational environment for aero-modeling activities. These activities include the flying of radio-controlled model aircraft, the exchange of methods and ideas for the improvement and enjoyment of aero-modeling, fellowship activities and participation with local civic organizations in educational, community service and aero-modeling projects for the purpose of making a positive contribution to the community.

Article III – Membership
(Revised November 2018)

Membership is open to anyone who agrees to abide by the NURCAC Constitution, By-Laws and other regulations and guidelines. There are four categories of membership. All memberships require membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics, (AMA). There is currently a cap of 250 paid initiation fees. All members must display their AMA and NURCAC or guest cards visibly at all times, subject to Article X.

Regular Membership – Members over 19 years old who have paid a one-time nonrefundable and nontransferable initiation fee of $250.00. Annual dues are $100, and the first year’s dues are included in the $250 initiation fee.

Family Membership – Spouses and dependent children (under the age of 19) of a regular member are $20 per person annually. (Flying youth see article 1 in by-laws.)

Youth Membership – Youth under the age of 19 are $20 annually. Youth may not bring guests to the field or be sponsors.

Associate Membership – An Associate member is for someone that is temporarily in the area,  i.e., active duty in the area or a college student. Proof is required (physical proof of military I.D or a copy of college I.D). Associate Members cannot hold an office on the Board of Directors (revised November 2018). Associate members are required to pay $140 annually and may only use 5 guest cards per year.

Article IV – Representation
(Revised November 2018)

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors shall be the primary policy and decision-making body of NURCAC with responsibility for assuring membership and organizational compliance with the Constitution, By-Laws and other regulations and guidelines included and necessitated via AMA charter regulations. It is also responsible for the preparation of yearly capital and expense budgets and the conservation of NURCAC assets. It shall have the authority to delegate its powers, as it deems necessary. These responsibilities may include safety officers, treasurer, communication, and so forth. Members must be a fully paid member in good standing for at least five years before becoming eligible to be a board member.

The Board of Directors shall consist of seven NURCAC members in good standing and members who are not on the boards of other clubs. Each Director shall be nominated and elected by the membership at large. Four to be elected for even calendar years and three elected for odd calendar years. Each Director shall serve a two-year term and may be nominated by the membership for subsequent two-year terms. Those wishing to serve as members of the NURCAC Board of Directors may not participate as board members in any other radio control club during the same period of service in NURCAC and must be a fully paid member in good standing for at least five years before becoming eligible for board membership.

Board meetings will be at the call of the President; other Board Members may request a meeting for a special purpose. The current President will call the first Board Meeting of the newly elected Directors including the carry over Directors. This meeting will take place prior to the January meeting. At that time the Board of Directors will elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer from the members of the Board. The President, Vice-President and Treasurer will serve as Trustees of the Corporation. Additional officers, as necessary will be elected at this time. Any request to the board from members must be in writing.

VACANCIES: In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of a Director, the Board of Directors shall appoint a club member to complete the vacating Directors term.

VOTING: Each duly elected Director except the President shall be entitled to one vote on any matter properly the subject of a Board of Directors Consideration and action. The President shall vote to resolve any tie vote. Only elected Board members are authorized to vote.

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Article V – Officers
(Revised November 2018)

The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer and such other Officers as the Board of Directors considers necessary or desirable to conduct the business of the Club.

1- President: The President shall preside over the formal meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Club. The President shall not have any vote on any matter brought before the Board, except to resolve a tie vote of the Board. Board meetings will be held monthly at a time and place designated by the President.

2- Vice-President: The Vice President will preside for the President whenever the President is absent or unable to serve.

3- Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible to the President and to the Board of Directors for maintaining the records of NURCAC (other than financial), including the minutes of any formal meetings of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall also be responsible for the incorporation of any duly enacted amendment to the Constitution and changes in the By-Laws. The Secretary shall also be responsible to produce or make sure the Club Newsletter is produced and distributed as the board deems necessary.

4- Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible to the President and to the Board of Directors for conducting the financial affairs of NURCAC as directed by the Board of Directors and for maintaining the financial records of the Club. The Treasurer shall create an Expense Budget and a Capital Budget for Board approval by February 15th of each year. The Treasurer shall collect all money and other things of value due, payable or donated to the Club, and shall disburse Club funds as directed by the Board of Directors and maintain a current club roster.

5- Safety Coordinator: The Safety Coordinator is responsible to develop, promote and encourage a climate of safety awareness within the club and to report all serious accidents to AMA. The safety officer may also appoint additional safety members to help perform safety officer functions.

6- Remaining Board Members: The Board of Directors will identify which additional offices are necessary to fulfill the responsibilities as needed for the administration of the Club and maintenance of the flying field. The Board of Directors will then elect those offices from member of the Board and may include such positions as activities director and additional safety members as needed. In addition, the safety coordinator may call up to four deputies to help, and these assigned deputies may serve as an associate or any fully paid member in good standing. Deputies must only report back directly with the safety officer.

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Article VI – Recall of Directors

A duly elected Director may be recalled for good cause only by a three-quarter majority vote of those members in attendance at a regular Club meeting and with a majority vote of the other board members. Both types of votes must be included for recall. Before any recall proposal is voted upon, written notice shall be given to the Director and a hearing conducted by any two or more of the Board of Directors, at which hearing the Director may present oral and written evidence and make a statement. Notice of a recall vote will be published in the Club Newsletter prior to the vote.

Article VII – Meetings of the Membership

Meetings of the membership shall be held as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. The membership shall be kept informed both at the meetings and by the Club Newsletter of all Club matters. Members are encouraged to voice their opinions and desires at Club meetings, and are free to attend Board of Director meetings.

Article VIII – Constitutional/By-Law Amendments

Any Constitutional/By-Law amendment proposed by any Director shall be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for its consideration and shall become part of the Constitution/By-Laws upon a vote of five member’s majority vote of the entire Board of Directors approving such amendment. Any Constitutional/By-Law amendment proposed by a petition of not less than 15% of the membership shall be shall be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors who shall cause the proposed amendment to be published in the Club Newsletter. After a 30 day period to allow membership comment, the Board of Directors shall consider such proposed amendments, and such amendment shall become part of the Constitution/By-Laws upon approval of five member’s majority vote of the entire Board of Directors approving such amendment. Membership input is not required for board-voted-and-approved by-law changes. However, members may follow the above guidelines for suggested changes. Any suggested changes have to be in writing to the board.

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Article I – Initiation Fees & Dues
(Revised November 2018)

All members must be AMA-insured

Regular Membership – One time (nonrefundable and nontransferable) initiation of $250.00. The initiation fee must be paid before flying, voting, receiving communication, participating in club business, and before club rights of any kind are given. Failure to pay annual dues by March 31 results in a late fee of $20 in addition to annual dues. Guest cards may not be given to previous members unless member has moved more than 50 miles away. ID with a current address is required for those guest cards. Members must visibly display AMA and membership cards at all times. Any member failing to adhere is subject to Article X.

Annual Dues – $100.00 (included in initiation for first year), due every January

Family Membership – Spouses and children under 19 must pay $20 in annual dues each year (see youth membership below). Children 19 and up are full dues of $100.

Youth Membership – Under age 19 – annual dues $20.00 – no initiation fee. No guest cards. Must visibly display AMA card at all times (see Article X).

Associate Member – Annual dues $140.00.  An Associate member is for someone that is temporarily in the area,  i.e., active duty in the area or a college student. Proof is required (physical proof of military I.D or a copy of college I.D). – no initiation fee – cannot hold an office, vote, or suggest by-law and other changes.  Associate members may also only use sponsorship/guest flyer privileges five times total. Must visibly display AMA card at all times (see Article X).

Payment of Dues – Payment of dues designates that each member has read and understands the AMA National Model Aircraft safety code, the NURCAC Constitution and By-Laws, and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth therein. Each member also understands that failure to comply with these rules and regulations are subject to Article X.

Article II – Monies

All monies collected shall be deposited in one of two bank accounts designated “Capital” and “Expense” In a bank selected by the Board of Directors. Checks will be presented for payment when signed by either the President or Treasurer. A copy of both the Expense Budget and the Capital Budget will be made available to any club member upon request.

Expense Budget: The club dues finance the Expense Budget and are those monies expended to finance the day to day requirements. The Treasurer without further approval will make prompt payment of routine operating expenses, taxes, and other regular fees. The Treasurer in compliance with the Club Expense Budget, as approved by the Board of Directors, will pay other expense monies.

Capital Budget: The initiation fees, donation, and special assessments, finance the Capital Budget and are used to finance major field repairs and purchase those assets that add to the long-term net worth of the flying facility. All Capital expenses are approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

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Article III – Guests, Sponsors, and Fun-Flys
(Revised November 2018)

Flying Guests: Club members are allowed and encouraged to share the hobby with friends and family. However, any guest wishing to fly must be AMA insured, must pay $10 per day they wish to fly with a limit of 5 days per year per flyer of flying before needing to become a full or associate member, and must be sponsored by a current full member.
Guests of associate members wishing to fly must also be AMA insured, must pay $15 per day they wish to fly with a limit of 5 times total per year of flying before becoming a full or associate member, and must be sponsored by the associate member.
Both pilots must display AMA visibly on their personage while flying. Guest and sponsor pilots will fill out a guest pilot card, photograph it and send it in to a board member, and deposit payment in the safety box before flying. Pilots must wait for a response from a board member to fly. AMA #’s are required from both pilots, and guest card receipt must be worn while flying. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

Spectator Guests: Spectators are welcome to the club and the field. Spectators MUST remain behind the pits at all times, must display a respect for the hobby, the planes and other RC models, and the members. Failure to do so will result in trespassing and a requirement to leave the field. Likewise, NURCAC associate and full members bringing spectators who continually disregard these standards are in danger of club membership revocation. Spectators who are non-pilots but are accompanying a pilot to assist in assembly and spotting are allowed to assist but must be an AMA member and visibly display their AMA card. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

Sponsors: Members wishing to bring guests to the field to fly must comply with all by-laws and AMA regulations, and must be responsible for the guest flyer and is responsible for that guest flyer’s behavior and actions. Failure to do so subject to Article X. Sponsors must understand whether they fall under a full member or associate member and must agree that the $10 or $15 daily use be paid before flying. Sponsors must also contact any current board member for approval of guest flights before having a guest fly. To receive approval, both the guest and sponsor must fill out a guest card with both pilot’s AMA numbers and ready payment. A photo must be sent to and approved by a board member before flying. Payment to be deposited in the safety box. Both pilots must display AMA cards at all times and display guest card receipt at all times. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

Fun-Fly Regulations: In the event of a fun-fly, full members in good standing will be freely admitted to fly. Associate members in good standing will require a $10 landing fee. Non-members will require a $20 landing fee. Food could be provided for a donation. All pilots, guests, spectators, and more must adhere to AMA rules and regulations as well as NURCAC constitution and by-laws. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

Fun-Fly Activities: Any member wishing to suggest or organize a fun-fly must get the approval of at least two board members and submit plans for organization, payment, food, and responsibilities. Fun-Fly activities are defined as any intentional gathering of more than 5 is the responsibility of the person suggesting the fun fly to carry it forward. It is not the responsibility of the board of directors. Members must also follow all AMA CD requirements for fun-fly activities.

NURCAC Designations: Anyone wishing to design, print, and/or distribute NURCAC apparel or memorabilia must first receive approval from at least 2 board members and must submit plans for making such material available to all current members.

Article IV – New Members
(Revised November 2018)

Membership application forms shall be made available at the flying site. The Treasurer has the responsibility to make sure all new members have a copy of the Constitution/By-Laws, has signed an application form, and is informed of all flying sight regulations before being allowed to fly. Accurate and legible e-mail information is required to receive any club information. The Treasurer may have 2 deputies to assist with gathering membership dues.

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Article V – Safety Rules
(Revised November 2018)

1. Each member agrees never to fly at the NURCAC flying site without a current AMA card and to be a member in good standing. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

2. All flying must be in accordance with the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code and NURCAC safety requirements. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

3. Prior to turning on any transmitter at NURCAC Field, regardless of type, you will display your current AMA Card visibly on your person. There will be no exceptions. Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave the field. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

4. All guest flyers and club members wishing to bring guests must follow the above regulations and requirements set forth for guests at all times. Guest flyers must always be in the company of their sponsor. No exceptions. Failure to comply could result in membership revocation. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

5. Any damage incurred to another aircraft because of neglect (IE., turning transmitter on without proper frequency pin or deliberate actions) for any reason will be the legal and financial responsibility of the offender. This does not apply to mid-air collisions during Fun Fly or competition events (combat, racing etc.) as these events are flown at the individuals risk.

6. Be courteous with the use of the flying field. As a member of the club, it is your responsibility to fly in pattern, to recognize when a pilot possibly learning or less skilled than you think that pilot should be is in the air, and to recognize when you shouldn’t perform types of flying like jet, 3D or formation flying because of others in the air. Likewise, flyers who go to practice jet, 3D and formation flying should communicate their need for air time. Neither party may monopolize air space or time, and flyers are all expected to recognize other situations that may require you to adjust your flying for other members using the field. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

7. Intentional flying behind the flight line is prohibited, regardless of circumstance. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

8. Sharing the gate combination with anyone (aside from board member to board member) is prohibited. Doing so will result in membership renovation.

9. Low passes shall be called out and are approved down the runway centerline and eastward.  Aerobatics must be flown beyond the far side of the active runway.

10. Engines will not be operated in the spectator area.

11. Low level flying toward the pit area is prohibited.

12. Forced landings shall have landing priority. Pilots will declare their intentions. Take offs are not permitted from the pit area.

13. Smoking is not permitted beyond the spectator area.

14. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at the flying site.

15. The discharge of firearms of any kind and the use of fireworks, bows, and other like items at the flying site is prohibited.

16. Pets are allowed in the spectator area as long as they are leashed at all times – they are prohibited from the pits and runway area. Pet owners will be solely responsible to clean up after their pet and will be held financially responsible for any damage caused by their pets. Owners will bring their pets at their own risk and will not hold NURCAC or any member there-in responsible for any harm that may come to their pets.

17. Aircraft spotters are required at all club sanctioned events.

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Article VI – Flying Sight Regulations

1. Wind will dictate the active runway. A left-hand pattern will be used in calm wind.

2. When conditions permit, all flying will be done from the East side of the field until 1:00 PM at which time everyone will start flying from the West side regardless of daylight or Mountain Standard Time.

3. First-person view flying must be done strictly within AMA regulations according to their online document, labeled as documents 550.

4. Jet pilots must abide by all AMA regulations according to document 5-10-A.

5. Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on the asphalt runway or the dry lake-bed other than designated roadways at any time. Failure to adhere, see Article X.

6. Each is responsible to take home anything that is taken to the flying field to help keep our field clean.

7. Each agrees, if permitted by health, to willingly participate in field maintenance and other club projects when called to do so.

8. Offensive language or offensive logo/printed tee-shirts etc. is not acceptable. Women and children come to our flying site, treat them, as well as your fellow club members, with respect.

9. Member and board officer harassment will not be tolerated and will result in revocation of membership as determined by the board.

10. Each agrees to inform a club Director with the name of any unauthorized person/persons using our field and in a friendly manner informs them how they can become members.

11. Each agrees never to give the gate combination to any unauthorized person. The last person out must close and lock the gate. Combination lock tumblers must be rotated so that the combination cannot be obtained simply by looking at the lock. Any members suspected of or proven to share the lock combination with non-members and/or non-AMA pilots will not be tolerated and will result in suspension and/or revocation of membership as determined by the board.

12. A club member must accompany all guests at all times. The club member is responsible to brief their guest on club rules and safety requirements.

13. Pilots will cooperate with any club member/members trying to enforce these regulations and will refrain from harassment or other inappropriate behavior.

14. Pilots must wear identification including AMA current membership, NURCAC current membership, name, and guest information if flying as or with a guest.

15. Club members are expected to help maintain the club, the by-laws, AMA regulations, etc. Check AMA. Check IDs and membership. When you are out on the field, you are required to act responsibly and with NURCAC, its members, and its field as a priority.

16. Membership, AMA verification, current by-laws, and current newsletters will be kept at the field for verification usage.

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Article VII – Helicopter Operations
(Added 18 May 2000)

The area located in the Southwest corner of the NURCAC flying site is to be used for set up and training of helicopter pilots prior to flying with the general population on the main runway. The area designated is to be round to provide the best wind and sun angle for optimum flying. All AMA rules are to be adhered to with the noted additions as they pertain to helicopters.

1 All controlled flights to be within the defined area.

2 Flying between the Heli Port and the main runway is PROHIBITED.

3 All frequencies will be controlled at the single, club established, frequency board.

4 During high activity at the flying site, a spotter will be required.

5 Heli Port area is NOT to be used for FAST FORWARD flight. When a helicopter pilot reaches this stage of his training, he is to use the main runway and the helicopter pads provided there and observe all normal flight rules as presently described by AMA.

Article VIII – Suspension of Members

A club member may be suspended for violation of flying site regulations and/or disregard of the Constitution and/or By-Laws by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Reinstatement can be made when the former member requests reinstatement in writing to the Board of Directors and by a majority vote of the Board.

Article IX – Elections

Nominations of Board Members will be held by the club membership at the November or December club meeting. Voting will be accomplished in December or January by written ballot supplied with the December issue of the newsletter. Members must be a fully paid member in good standing for at least two consecutive years before being able to hold office.
Ballots must be post marked or returned by January 15th and will become invalid after that date. Three or more Directors will count ballots. All nominees win or lose will be notified after the ballots are counted. During the January meeting announcements of club officers and Directors will take place. The new Board Members will assume responsibility February 1st.

Article X – Disciplinary Action
(Added November 2018)

Necessary disciplinary action will adhere to the following steps unless previously listed as actions of immediate membership revocation. In addition, situational disciplinary action may be under the discretion of board members but must be discussed and include written notes of at least 4 board members.

1. First Offense: written or verbal warning to offender which will be reported and recorded to safety officer/board member.

2. Second Offense: $20 fine issued by safety officer/board member with a written notification of offense and suspension of all membership privileges until fine is paid and recorded.

3. Third Offense: Automatic, permanent, and full suspension of membership and all privileges. Requires a board member meeting of at least 4 board members.

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